Month: March 2015

D.I.Y. Power

Do It Yourself. That’s how BayMozaic came to be.  Two of us have picked up media classes at Laney College, 2 of us met years ago in a photo course at City College (SF), 3 of us are self-taught WordPressers, 2 of us drop in on co-work spaces around the Bay for inspiration, community, and connections…and to make things. Community college is rocket fuel for D.I.Y., a place to connect with talent, tools, ideas, and to experiment with guidance from practicing professionals Tech Liminal in Oakland offers WordPress support and other maker-fare, CHEAP Libraries have FREE technical manuals online, so teach yourself stuff! Google it and YouTube your tutorials – FREE Student talent, drive and gusto have propelled me to hack challenges I would never have taken on before. I’m grateful for their generosity. They motivate me, as do other D.I.Y. folks I know who’ve abandoned secure jobs to be their own maker-bosses. The artist/surfer founders of Little House in the Orchard, the blacksmith and 3D printing podcaster at 3D Printing Today are some that …

Pieces of the Whole

(Mosaic art by Nida Khalil ) Welcome to BayMozaic. We are Bay Area locals who hope, through our lens on the region, to reveal the value of connection, attention and of rest amid distractions, real and imagined. Here we showcase those who are improving our lives, whether through art, enterprise, or social action. We make things: music, stories, photos, films, poems, concepts and approaches. We live in the imaginary, but also live in the best place ever [the Bay Area], observing this world keenly, quietly… then getting LOUD to make something better, to draw attention to attention, or to shake off order… like a poem leaps from one verse to the other. This is our chronicle of the Bay and its people: longtime locals and those who’ve newly arrived from the globe’s corners. It’s our dialogue. It’s also yours, a place that sparks ideas, motivates us all to make or do, to consider how we come to know something. How we enthuse you :  we are building a multi-sensory room, a space where you enter …

Roots Music

I’m Gohar. Conversations with artists fuel me. I want to know the emotion that incites the work. Where does it all start? How does that seed become the art we see or hear? Last fall, I was able to catch up with professional opera singer Lianna Haroutounian  who was performing with the San Francisco Opera. The minute Floria Tosca got up from her seat and walked towards the edge of the stage, I knew it was time for the most important part of her performance. I was sitting close enough to see the emotions play on her face. But the source of this voice was unexplainable. It had already filled the entire opera house and still kept coming from her lungs. Wrapped in vibrations of sound, I was in ultimate enjoyment mode. It happened to Baritone Mark Delavan, too. As Scarpia, he was on the other end of the stage. I noticed that the expression of the villain he portrayed had cleared from his face. He was not Scarpia at that moment. He was a …


Life on the Carquinez Strait cuts through past and present. Jack London worked these waters. Joe DiMaggio grew up here. At this northern end of the Bay, I’m surrounded by park lands – national, state and our treasured East Bay Regional Parks, the largest regional parks district in the country. I’m Haleh. Let’s go exploring. (video)    


My name is Raeshma. I’m seven years new to the Bay, and beginning to feel at home. I seek new beginnings in creative projects, journeys, and my relationships with place, purpose and prose. I’m drawn to that which connects or disconnects us –ideas, values, community (in issues of faith, youth, migration, for example).  I’m looking at bridges.

Theatre of Dreams

I wake my way into the pulsing world, morphing, mesmerizing, still.  At times I open my eyes. Chasing contours, colors and form, I spin the yarn into a stage for dreams and artifacts.  I seek the glistening divide between now and \ then, running a maze of infinite f p s.  Dreams shape me.