Month: May 2015

Golden Gate Bridge Walk

Get Close. Bring an Apple. Walking across the Golden Gate bridge is a noisy experience: the cars, the wind. It’s a roadway after all, picturesque from afar (we started off at Chrissy Field), and breathing fumes up close. Walking is essential to gauge the physicality of a place or thing, its distance, the angles you’d otherwise not see: of the bridge, below it, on it, afar, underneath its towers, parallel to its cables. Sort of a walking Cubist experience. Tourists want to be in the photo with the bridge, it’s our biggest local celebrity. In the sunshine there is something especially cheerful and earnest and of course oversized about it, as if it’s the Clifford the big Red Dog of the Bay. (Although it’s darker side is indicated soon enough by the crisis phones installed there for potential jumpers. ‘There is hope. Make the call.’) But right now there are sunnier sorts around: Asian girls in cute outfits with impossibly un-windblown hair posing for pictures; and somewhere a fashion blog is updated. Men alone and …

drought Iran bridge

Bridge Spans Dry Land

This week I’ve been thinking about iconic bridges. They can be such elegant things across water, across time and aesthetic. Of course, Golden Gate Bridge comes to mind, but for me so does  Si-o-Seh Pol (thirty three arches bridge) in Isfahan, Iran.  Coincidentally,  The New York Times posted another in the Our Man in Tehran series, and it’s about the bridge and its current lack of purpose.  This guy is hilarious.  (Haleh, Photo: Flickr, Peter Liu)

Alien Bridge to Mars

Luska is an artistic prodigy who’s been experimenting with film, visual arts and written text. Her focus can shift from one media to another, but the intensity and passion for creating stays the same. She moved to the densely multicultural Mission district in San Francisco from Paris roughly a year ago. Luska draws on everything: receipts, napkins, menus, boxes, walls, canvases, etc. Recently she’s been working on a collection of paintings titled Part Time Alien.  Gohar:  Who are you and what do you do? Luska: I’m Luska. I listen to music. G. Can you tell me how the helicopter landed on your logo? L. “The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving” that’s from Waking Life. G. Any real life situation that inspired you? L. Many, but the majority are unreal life situations. G. Do you think your experiences have shaped who you are today? L. Yes. G. What do you like and what do you dislike? L. I like when Netflix glitches in the middle of the film. I don’t like bullshit and …

Art Bridge Across Faith and Conflict

We live in one of the most tolerant places in the nation, yet the Bay Area is not immune to racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism. Across the region, communities are building the means to bridge divides and tackle sources of conflict. One interfaith community finds solutions in art. Exhibiting more than 100 works of art, the East Bay’s Faith Trio of the Montclair Presbyterian Church, the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) and Kehillah Synagogue opened its Third Interfaith Art Exhibition Biennial on Saturday. This year’s theme – “We Are the Bridge” – aims to reveal how artists creatively envision themselves, their culture, faith, community, and art as a bridge from conflict to resolution and reconciliation. The opening kicked off with music by Aswat Ensemble. Exhibition dates: May 3rd – May 30th at ICCNC. 1433 Madison St., Oakland, CA 94612 (2nd Floor, Gallery) Exhibition is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Funded in part with support from the San Francisco Foundation’s FAITHS fund, the Alliance of California Traditional Arts …