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California State Parks’ Endless Summer

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It is not the end of summer. The end of summer comes after Labor Day, when you were sitting in your stuffy East Bay classroom, itching from your “fall-back-to-school” clothes with no end to the heat for another few weeks. But you saw the Sunday ads, and the teens were wearing “fall” clothes, so you told your mother, no, you would not sweat buckets.  And, you’re nauseous because they’re re-tarring the roof like they always do the first week of school before the rains come. Back when it used to rain here and you could plan for it.

No.  We have three weeks left to get out for summer exploring.  And, as the dollars don’t go as far as they used to in the Bay Area when you were in high school, we’re exploring cheap, and timing it as best we can against today’s gnarly traffic.  So, we start with China Camp State Park in San Rafael, an easy ride north of McNear Beach.  In the 1880s the camp operated as a Chinese shrimp-fishing village. It houses a museum and also offers tours, Junior Ranger activities and hiking and biking trails.

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The day we hiked, the heat brought in swimmers and sunbathers. Before the crowds, however, one lone kayaker walked his vessel through the tidal mud and shoved off into the lonely blue morning.

IMG_6604 copy

IMG_6594 copy

Join the crowds on August 29th (next Saturday) for the park’s Heritage Day, for music, dance, arts and crafts, and history about the spot.  Historic boats, including a replica of a Chinese junk will hug the San Pablo Bay shore. Boats, music, dance! Summer celebration continues with more than 35 California State Parks in the greater Bay Area region.

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