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Christmas Gifts with a Difference


The feeling of excitement and Christmas joy has somehow disappeared from my life a few years ago. I don’t go through the mad shopping spree, the long lines at the cash register, the gift wrapping, etc. But I do look forward for the holidays and to hanging out or doing fun things with my kids. They don’t spend a lot of time on their iPads but I prefer minimizing it by engaging them in arts and crafts activities so they can make gifts and Christmas cards for their cousins and friends.  A few days before the school holidays start, I browse the web in order to find hands on activities for my daughters and here’s what I’ve found so far. Most of these activities can be made by recycling used or old things, like socks and sweaters, old toy cars and mason jars, etc.


You can make cute holiday decorations by recycling old socks, leggings and even sweaters.


Baking and decorating gingerbread cookies can be real fun and quite engaging activity for at least a few hours. Make sure to punch a hole in the cookie right after you take it out of the oven, while it’s still warm and soft. Get your icing ready and let your inner artist out this holiday season!


You can always go for a nice walk in the neighborhood park and collect pine cones to make cute decorations. If you don’t feel like it, you can buy all you need at an arts and crafts store.


You can get a big pile of colorful scrap paper at Flax, have the kids cut various shapes and glue it on the cones. Or, you can get heavy jute twine and wrap it around the cardboard cones. Afterwards, decorate with anything you wish.



Mason jars, or old salt and pepper shakers can be great containers for decorations or gifts. Anyone will love these meticulously crafted and thoughtful gifts!





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