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D.I.Y. Power

Do It Yourself. That’s how BayMozaic came to be.  Two of us have picked up media classes at Laney College, 2 of us met years ago in a photo course at City College (SF), 3 of us are self-taught WordPressers, 2 of us drop in on co-work spaces around the Bay for inspiration, community, and connections…and to make things.

  • Community college is rocket fuel for D.I.Y., a place to connect with talent, tools, ideas, and to experiment with guidance from practicing professionals
  • Tech Liminal in Oakland offers WordPress support and other maker-fare, CHEAP
  • Libraries have FREE technical manuals online, so teach yourself stuff!
  • Google it and YouTube your tutorials – FREE


Student talent, drive and gusto have propelled me to hack challenges I would never have taken on before. I’m grateful for their generosity. They motivate me, as do other D.I.Y. folks I know who’ve abandoned secure jobs to be their own maker-bosses. The artist/surfer founders of Little House in the Orchard, the blacksmith and 3D printing podcaster at 3D Printing Today are some that come to mind. Can’t wait to bring you maker stories.          (Haleh)


A shout out to Steve Shlisky and Michael Moya at Laney College for letting us back “in class” to get these pics of their Media 180/Photo 180 HDSLR Workflow group.



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