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Movie Monday – Who is Endangered?

bayview san francisco youth media

What do Bayview youth and the Clapper Rail (bird) have in common? Home.  Today we feature Endangered, a short film produced by youth living in the tough Bayview neighborhood. They share a moving look at what its like to grow up there. With empathy and attention, they draw parallels to the plight of the Clapper Rail, a native bird struggling to survive in the area.

Only the youth that live here could tell this story. Through BAYCAT, they have the tools and the voice to make it happen. Based in the Bayview, BAYCAT trains youth for the digital media workforce, while also producing films and providing studio amenities for paying clients. As a social enterprise, its business model aims to build out “cloners” or clients who then become donors. They also receive grants for specific project (Metta Fund, supported Endangered).

The film and BAYCAT show that the Bayview is an asset to San Francisco. Unleashing its potential takes attention and an engaged community (as we’ve written here).

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