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Pieces of the Whole

(Mosaic art by Nida Khalil ) Welcome to BayMozaic. We are Bay Area locals who hope, through our lens on the region, to reveal the value of connection, attention and of rest amid distractions, real and imagined. Here we showcase those who are improving our lives, whether through art, enterprise, or social action.

We make things: music, stories, photos, films, poems, concepts and approaches. We live in the imaginary, but also live in the best place ever [the Bay Area], observing this world keenly, quietly… then getting LOUD to make something better, to draw attention to attention, or to shake off order…

like a poem leaps from one verse to the other.

This is our chronicle of the Bay and its people: longtime locals and those who’ve newly arrived from the globe’s corners. It’s our dialogue. It’s also yours, a place that sparks ideas, motivates us all to make or do, to consider how we come to know something.

How we enthuse you :  we are building a multi-sensory room, a space where you enter conversations and interact with objects. This fluid environment is built on/builds on themes: Place, Sense, Elements, Expansion.  Other themes move in and out with seasons.  Often, you’ll see we follow our curiosity through a series of posts that creates its own mosaic. Welcome!

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