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Ending HIV/AIDS in Alameda County

For Rosetta Randall, diagnosed with HIV four years ago, consistent and personal health care has improved her life. “Considering the lifestyle I led, now I can be here for my kids and my grand kids.” At a gathering in Berkeley on Tuesday, patients and community health providers marked 25 years of the Ryan White CARE Act that brought affordable health care to people living with HIV/AIDS. The legislation, passed in 1990, was named after Ryan White, a 13-year-old boy diagnosed with HIV. In Alameda County, the HIV ACCESS network of community health centers and the Alameda Health Systems public hospital deliver these services. It operates within the broader Alameda Health Consortium that supports the network by boosting collaboration, advocacy and analysis. Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson spoke of the power of a network. “We have to ensure that our community-based network… not only treats individuals who have HIV and AIDS, but is also out there helping to deal with prevention. It’s not alone, it’s connected to our school system, it’s connected to our senior centers, …