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Escape with the Zany Fairytale Players

This past weekend, the Bay Area was bursting with events that snarled roads and packed public transit. It happens this time of year. I found myself at an all-day theater forum, motivated, honestly, by the kids’ show.  The Golden Thread Fairytale Players enthralled.  As very grown up as I am, I’m still under the spell of children’s theater. It started when I was seven and saw a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream performed in a garden (ok, not exactly a kids’ show). When the winged fairies burst into the crowd and pulled us kids onto the stage, I was terrified and thrilled. I’d been drawn into wonderland.  It happened again on Sunday. Here’s a taste. Golden Thread’s Fairytale Players creates and performs a repertoire of educational theater performances based on stories and traditions from the Middle East. The Players employ epic story-telling, physical theatre and circus arts techniques and are trained in various theatre disciplines including traditional Middle Eastern performance styles and folk dance. Performances are designed to travel and are booked at schools, libraries, …

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Attention, Little People

Summers when I was 9 in Aurora, IL, we were out in the street on our own. Our parents said go outside and find something to frickin’ do. We had a lot of freedom. We played in each other’s yards, on the street, we rode our bikes, roller skated, ran through sprinklers, slid on the Slip’n Slide. For a little more structure we would take cheap kids classes at the parks and rec. Many times these were at the neighborhood grade school.  Then there was the bookmobile that would come out. We would take our wagon, stick my smallest sister in it and wheel off for a mega haul of books. Now I face the summer as Number 1 Auntie to two little girls. They don’t do the things I did the way I did when I did them so many years ago. Life and play are so much more planned, protected. Allow me to brainstorm my way through a list (that’s how I sort out life) of things I might do with these two …