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Verlocal – Where the Experience Begins

As I was browsing the web in hopes of treating myself to an arts and crafts class for my birthday, I not only found an interesting class, but also discovered a great website –Verlocal. Verlocal provides hundreds of classes and workshops offered by local hosts, people who have expertise in various fields and happen to love teaching others. It’s like seeing something handmade on Etsy,  getting to meet the maker and learning how to do it. Impressed with their concept of an open platform for artists and makers to offer classes, I contacted the founders for an interview. The team who started Verlocal are Will Lee (CEO and Founder), Minsoo Kim (Co-Founder and Head of Business Development) and Hannah Chan (Co-Founder, Head of Design). Hannah, born and raised in Hong Kong, came to study in the US five years ago and is a UC Berkeley graduate. She met Will at a networking event: “If you meet Will, you’ll see how passionate he is about his ideas. That’s actually the reason I joined the company and …

We Can Make That

I had the pleasure of chatting with Albert Eloyan, a young entrepreneur, Bay Area resident, and one of the co-founders of Jargon (former Colatris), a start-up that helps mobile developers localize their apps.   He shares the pains and rewards of startup culture, including how travel, relocation and boxing (with gloves, not packing material) played a role.  (Gohar)