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Something About Twigs & Branches

Painter Lorely Bunoan spins garden cuttings into gold. Watch her working to the sound of BART trains lumbering through East Oakland. (video) Her pieces, she says, are meant to be hung any which way.  I was torn between holding the camera and the urge to sketch a branch alongside her. Circling Lorely as she drew, though, kept me warm in the cavernous studio.  Eventually, the two of us fell into our own cadences, she tracing twigs, and I tracing the painter.         (Haleh)

We Can Make That

I had the pleasure of chatting with Albert Eloyan, a young entrepreneur, Bay Area resident, and one of the co-founders of Jargon (former Colatris), a start-up that helps mobile developers localize their apps.   He shares the pains and rewards of startup culture, including how travel, relocation and boxing (with gloves, not packing material) played a role.  (Gohar)


Life on the Carquinez Strait cuts through past and present. Jack London worked these waters. Joe DiMaggio grew up here. At this northern end of the Bay, I’m surrounded by park lands – national, state and our treasured East Bay Regional Parks, the largest regional parks district in the country. I’m Haleh. Let’s go exploring. (video)    

Theatre of Dreams

I wake my way into the pulsing world, morphing, mesmerizing, still.  At times I open my eyes. Chasing contours, colors and form, I spin the yarn into a stage for dreams and artifacts.  I seek the glistening divide between now and \ then, running a maze of infinite f p s.  Dreams shape me.