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Waves, Flowers and Flames

Living Digital Space and Future Parks exhibition by teamLab was probably the most exciting 2 hours I’ve spent with my kids this year. I can’t really explain the emotions that I was experiencing while at the space. Just how the art form was so new and foreign to me, my emotional response was also quite new and intriguing. Digital technology when united with art, I believe, multiplies the emotional impact on the viewer. It takes you to a completely new space where you might even feel a bit dizzy at first but gradually let you mind join the speed and movement of the artwork and embrace the unfamiliar yet hypnotizing effect.

teamLab’s remarkable production consists of over 400 members and was started in 2001 by a group of engineers based in University of Tokyo. The team is focused on creating captivating experiences by using mostly nature motifs such as water, birds, flowers, trees, etc. The installations are activated either by touch or intersection of the shadows of viewers. As we continued to interact with the waves, flowers or butterflies emerged in new combinations to transform the ever-evolving landscape of the installation. Exceptionally designed sound enhanced the multi-sensorial experience as well. The most intriguing feature of the whole exhibition is that it’s entirely contingent upon the actions of visitors in the gallery, and never repeats itself. 

Kids really enjoyed the interactive aquarium exhibit. Well, I did too. It was great to observe them pick an ocean animal shape, color it, scan it and have it immediately plop in the giant aquarium projected on the wall.

My kids and I highly recommend visiting the exhibit. The tickets start from $10 and I’d suggest to book it well in advance.




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