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WeEDIT Makes Your Memories Last

Summer is here and it’s your time to jump in feet first, sleep under the stars and try new things! Regardless how you choose to spend your summer certainly have your cameras ready to capture all the fun moments. 

Many of us come back from a vacation boasting an extensive catalog of photos detailing our memories. We can’t wait to share them with our family and friends; we know we’ve captured every great moment.

Digital photography made it possible for businesses like Shutterfly to thrive. Millions used their services to organize and preserve the most memorable moments in their lives (assuming they didn’t just dump the photos straight into Facebook). “I was a regular customer myself,” says WeEDIT founder Vahe Amirbekyan, “putting together albums for vacations, my children’s birthdays, and other significant events… until I realized that even the best pictures in the best frames simply did not paint the full picture in our memories. Why should we limit our memories to photos? We increasingly move to video in many aspects – we spend hours watching videos on Vine, Snapchat, and YouTube, and we constantly shoot videos on our smartphones. “Video is the new photo!” is the sentiment that echoes through the tech industry. Our lives are in motion, so why not capture it? Why not add sound, while we’re at it? A short musical clip can be way more descriptive of our recent vacation than a set of pictures, not to mention have a larger viewership potential than that photo album you keep on the shelf.”

That’s precisely what WeEDIT offers to their customers. From your submitted footage, they create the 21st century equivalent of the good old photo album – fully equipped with video, sound, and professionally crafted by in-house best-in-class editors. The process is similar to composing your own photo album on Shutterfly, the cost is practically the same, but the time and effort required is much less –  zero, in fact! Customers share their footage (videos and photos) and soundtrack, provide the title and some optional instructions, and their creative editors do the rest – edit the juiciest parts into a fun to watch and share music clips. The customer will have one free revision included in the price. If the final cut still doesn’t work, they will refund the money. 

So get excited, because you are about to experience your memories in an entirely new way! As a gift to our readers WeEDIT offers a 20% discount to tryout their service. This offer is valid from June 1st to August 31st. Use BayMozaic20 code and let them create something awesome with style!

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